Monday, 27 February 2012


Everyone has at sometime or the other done the weed called music.
Some found that beat in an advertisement catchy...some worship Bollywood music, there are others who think Glee is their savior, some (like me) are random and others are absolute Metalheads.

Now this post is not going to differentiate between the genres. This is about the only common thing about them all.....that thing that falls on your ears and makes you Headbang/jive/jump/dance....Music. Its the most powerful thing in the whole wide world. It has the power to pull your soul from the dungeons of tiredness or sleep and make you a lean mean ADRENALIN MACHINE. Its not restricted to sleep only....lets go through some case studies...

1: You are tired and sleepy one afternoon..your AWESOME brother/sister plays your favorite song from Iron Maiden.


2: You are pissed off at some bitch/douchebag for being a fucktard of a friend.and are filled with pure rage, and by some magical way you find the stereo playing System of a Down..


Ready to die ?


Thou shalt not give a single fuck.

3. Politics at office/on TV/ between friends makes you squirm to the brink of a mental breakdown..
You find yourself humming some random Google out that song and it blows your mind away...

Before :

FUCK you....sir.

You do not exist.

You must be thinking that why do all the results have the same "after" reaction...well..these are my reactions projected onto the me.

One more case..
4. You feel eased out...nothing's wrong with the world..nothing can go wrong...and you hear someone playing Enigma somewhere...


After :


You get my overall drift right? Music has the power of moving mountains inside your mind, body and soul...all you have to do is listen and ..

Breathe Easy. \/

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Importance of being 'x'.

It's very important to have the word 'undefined' imbibed into one's life. It provides a sort of free thrill of not knowing how things would turn out. If everything is set and well outlined then what's left to do besides execute the plan? I rate the ability to think on one's feet, way way waaaaaay higher than being able to draw a plan in a given time frame. Fear of loss is no fear at all. I really wonder why people find it so scary and tough to start everything afresh, from scratch, if they 'fail'. Are we really doubting the efficacy of the business model employed by Mother Nature, that lives and dies by the principle of starting over ? There's a whole wall of text that could be written about this, but why must it be so when a general overview would suffice? :D

Monday, 13 February 2012


I've come across a lot of people who generally confuse a 'favor' with 'help'. So I've decided to give my version on this, not necessarily the most right one. You're the boss of that....

So!!! To start off, lets define what help is according to the dictionary:

help (verb)
1. to save; rescue; succor

2. to make easier or less difficult; contribute to; facilitate

*Ba Dum Tus*
and favor:
favor (noun)
1. something done or granted out of goodwill, rather than from justice or for remuneration
(nowadays this point is kind of forgotten or held void as people do expect favors to be returned); a kind act.
2. friendly or well-disposed regard; goodwill.

*Ta Daa*

 Well, since the meanings are so clear, we have everything in black and white right ? Yes. 90% of it is actually in black and white, but there is a small gray area where some people confuse a help with a favor. It all boils down to the person who's helping/doing the favor.
Let me illustrate with an example. Now, you're walking down a street, and you watch a sexy lady having trouble with her luggage (her bags and nasty nasty person!)

I swear, she is sexy!
You decide that you will go carry her luggage for her, and then you stumble upon this blog and wonder, if you helped her or did her a favor. Well, the answer lies within. Ask yourself, why you did it...was it out of concern/goodwill or was it so that you could get to talk to the lady, and see where it goes. ;)
If its the former then you genuinely helped her. If it was the latter, (you sly dog!) then you just did her a favor (although the meaning says that there was goodwill, when there was none) because you found an opportunity and grabbed it. (I'd do it too :D)

I've mentioned about my tutor, also called "Professor" in my previous posts (Epicrotis). I have a little story to share about him..
I, by far was the dumbest person in the class, didn't know what was going on whilst others were on their ways to get into those top notch Universities. We always were given tonnes of problems to solve, usually everyone except me, did actually solve most of them (If I could manage solving one measly Physics problem from "I.E. Irodov", then it was celebration time at home) but when someone actually had trouble solving something, they never asked Professor to guide them, they always did it on their own, and I followed suit just to not stick out. But there was this one time when Professor in his ever knowing gaze, and all his wisdom, noticed me struggling with my questions, craving for help, and he addressed the class..

"Never ask others for help before you help yourself first. If you can't solve a problem, find out where you are struggling and fix that first. I will guide you, but I won't solve your questions for you."

What he said that day, got etched into my mind ever since, it had a deep and permanent impact in me as a person, and to this day, come to think of it, I've almost never asked for help per se. Yes, I've asked many people for many favors, but never have I asked for "help"'s involuntary..that thought of asking someone to help me never arose. I don't say that its something only Proud Kings and Emperors would do, in fact it's a negative thing and makes an egoistic bastard out of me because, the world runs only because of the single fact that people choose to help other people, and nothing else.

If you're still confused if what you've asked for is help or a favor, here's a simple trick that can help you discern. Ask yourself, why would the person you asked, do it for you. If your head says, "to facilitate/rescue you" or "because (s)he's a good friend" etc. then you've asked for help. If your head says, "probably because I'd owe him/her one" or "I really don't see why (s)he'd do it for me" etc., then Ladies and Gentlemen, you've asked for a favor. Simple, innit ? I hope that you can at least now.....

Breathe easy. \/

Valentine's Day!

Hello there citizens!
Its the Valentine's week..hope all of you are gonna have someone to celebrate it with. (your own hand, doesn't count!) If you don't, then don't worry, there will always be the next Valentine's day, or you could celebrate your own Valentine's whenever you really wouldn't require a fixed date to pelt stones at a Saint.

Pelt Easy. \/ (Save some for the next year)

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hey there, fellow citizens of absolute fuck all! Greetings!!

Guess you're wondering what the heck does the title mean.You aren't ? Good.
I'm sure we all have had people around us who at the most opportune of times, break into a quote from some epic personalities, like Carl Jung, Osho, Friedrich Nietzsche etc. This doesn't have to be face to could be over the internet too. One fine day, you're trolling over the internet and suddenly some dude/chick (make no mistake..this thing cuts across gender) decides to tell the world that he/she read book or knows a quote from some dude back in the ancient times and pukes that quote all over the place, leaving you like this..

: |

This is the best and most powerful way to win an argument with most people! 
So, you're arguing with your wife over whose turn it is to change the baby's diapers..suddenly she breaks into a quote from Franz Kafka...
"The decisive moment in human evolution is perpetual. That is why the revolutionary spiritual movements that declare all former things worthless are in the right, for nothing has yet happened"

leaving you bruised and wondering "What the hell did she say?", with a dirty diaper in your hand of course.
You get what I'm trying to convey, right ? It doesn't even have to be related to the context, any random quote, will suffice.
I used to enjoy listening to such people talk because, 1.) I used to imagine how that person communicated in day to day life.."O' Charioteer of the jalopy, I urge thee to stop, afore the next confluence of the roads"
and 2.) it never happened to me.
But recently, I heard someone recite some quote from some dude, which somehow managed to mix basic math and geometry with philosophical virtue. I forgot what it was, something to do with circles and the absolute or modulus functions or SOME SHIT!
I was like this..

A whaa?

I wanted to ask that person (more like yell at 'em)..." Hey!! Do you even know what that means or stands for ?!" 

Seriously, real philosophy is meant to be understood from within and shared only when someone is inclined towards a discussion with some philosophical depth to it. Not when someone is asking you the price of tomatoes!! (Random event. :| ) It kills the conversation and, as in my case, brain cells of the victim.
In normal cases, such people just seem...well I don't have a word to categorize them with..they aren't weird, they aren't abnormal..they aren't normal...(seriously wtf?).
But hey...that's just me..I don't know how other people would react to it. From what I've observed.. people go like this..

But that's okay...we all have the ability to take it with a pinch of salt, don't we? (i.e. while taking enough tequila shots)
All in all, I have nothing against you folks, heck, I'm one of you. This was more like a self realization projected onto an innocent virtual person. I'm sorry, innocent virtual person. We citizens of Fuckall, preaching philosofuckall growth need to..

Breathe easy. \/

Friday, 3 February 2012


Hey there! Its been long since I wrote something, and I've been dreading this day since I started. But finally, I found something that I'd like to share with you, but I'm waiting for something by SOMEONE! Without which the post will be 80%  incomplete. Hopefully sooner than later I shall put up the post.

Now you might have noticed (i.e. the old readers) that I changed my blog address from "" to "". If you haven't noticed then WELCOME new reader! Hope you have fun reading below posts !!

Coming to the reason as to why I changed the address. You see I was searching for my blog over Google and gave the keyword "faithuntested" my horror, I was looking at religious sites where people were talking about God and can connect the dots from there.
Why 'epicrotis' ? You ask. Well its two words.. "Epic" and "Rotis" (plural of 'Roti') (together it sounds like a latin word). To those who don't know what a Roti is, its a type of Indian bread, some call it 'Chappati' or 'flat bread' while most Indians hailing from the North call it 'Roti'.

Now all my life I've loved chowing down rotis (or "roteeeeeeeeeeeeeeees") that my mom would make every morning. Also there has been several instances where the significance of a roti/chappati was brought to my notice by several melodramatic means... like Old Bollywood movies (we wont go there....NO WAY!) and this one special instance 7 years ago, where my mentor, (I call him "Professor") who was helping me with competitive exams, once said this in class..

" No matter what you become or do, even if you end up making chappatis for a living, make sure that you make the best chappatis in the world "

and this was etched in my head ever since and was the first thing that came to my mind while searching for a new name... "EpicRotis". \m/

I'm sure everyone has had such moments where someone wise said something, not necessarily to you, and it got stuck forever in your mind.

Breathe Easy \/.

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