Thursday, 30 May 2013

In tears.

I wish to immortalize your words Sam....they have me in tears whenever I read you!

....With these words of brilliance in your hands,
may glory shine  upon you,
and in that moment of pride,
may a faint memory surround you,
And when they ask you who made you smile,
may you think of those precious lines......

"I was her love and she was my Queen,  
and now a thousand years between".......

I cannot begin to express how deep into my core these lines reach..real lucky to be a part of your life and have you in mine. It's been unbelievable. Thank you....from the deepest darkest corners of my heart! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Kash (K. ush.)

Ek kash ki zindagi
do, boond paani.
Toote hue sapne
Dil ki zubani.



I fell into the worst infinite loop, that there could be. Now how I wither is to be seen. What possibilities remain unfulfilled and what was and could never have been may remain just that...questions unanswered.

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