Thursday, 13 September 2012

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

Who possesses you?
Who killed you?
Who owns your soul?

Why did you fly?
Why were you alive?
Why doth death don a flirtatious mole?

Where are your eyes?
Where be the million smiles?
Where is the Lady who found her dole?

When did you fence your happy sublime?
When did you devil with dine?
 When did you sway 'pon gallows pole?

Who stole my peg?
Where stopped my dreadful tread?
What swooped into this blighted hole?

What did you say?
When you looked dismay.
"Would life ever find its true blue goal?"

Would you ever live for once?
Where the light doth, melancholy shuns.
When the heavens, your elegance extol.

(typed "Who" on a blank post by mistake and decided to see it to the end. )

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Huh? Absolute?

If you don't already know, don't ask.

You must have heard the words 'higher conscious' being tossed about, around you at times. Probably by religion, maybe a quote from someone important, or by whichever means. You know, people saying that one should strive to 'ascend' to some sort of greater consciousness, et al.

Now, if it wasn't already clear, I would like the reader to understand what meaning emanates from the phrase in question. It conveys to the listener that there exists a state of mind that's somehow elevated or better than the standard run of the mill ones. Coming to the point, I have a problem with the meaning conveyed, which misrepresents the meaning intended. To elaborate on this, let me shed some light on tiny fact that gets swept under the carpet. Every human, or any other being in fact, is born into a set social structure. Everything is fixed, be it the way you talk, the way you think, the way you eat, dress, live etc. Every aspect of your habitat is set according to tradition or society. We can safely say that a particular set of rules are embedded into you. I would like to refer to this as a  forced consciousness, which in no way is disapproving as, nobody had the option of choosing at birth, the way he/she could think. It was only when the thought process matured enough, did one venture outside known territories to attain what people call a higher consciousness, but I would like to refer to as 'alternate consciousness'. 

The meaning intended is same, a state of mind that is achieved not by higher/better thinking but by an alternative thought process. That is to say that both forced and alternate consciousnesses exist in the same plane but are parallel to each other.

If you're wondering what difference does it make or why the f did I write about this, then to put forth my case, I'd say that I always found it irritating that some people forced the notion into others minds that somehow the provisions they had to live or grow in life weren't enough or were inferior. And that one had to meditate-stop eating a particular type of food-shun worldly life to reach one's full potential/be better yada yada yada. YES! Some may have reached that alternate state of mind where their perspective to everything was changed and NO! Its not something so important that everyone must strive to attain. Those who have not attained that alternative consciousness, but are interested can either follow the footsteps of those that have, or can chart their own way, and no one has the right to take away that choice.

In my opinion, the person who can swing between both, forced and alternate consciousnesses at choice, has truly completely grown in all aspects. As Aristotle said..

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

After such incredible rant-athon...the only thing that remains constant with consciousnesses is one's need to..

Breathe Easy. \/.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Bastard Phase.

If you're wondering what 'the bastard phase' means, well it's just a name I gave to a series of recurring states of callousness and mediocrity that I often experience. If I had to give an analogy, I'd say it's like a iron nail rusting away. I know I'm corroding away but I don't do anything about it. Not because I can't, but because I don't feel like. I don't really know what causes this syndrome to happen, but I do know some of the symptoms..

To give a few examples...

1. I haven't written anything AT ALL for the whole month of August, although I had some 'less than half-attempts'.
2. The fact that after point 1, all I could come up with is this self-loathsome bull shit.
3.  Emptiness prevails in almost every sphere of  your existence.

When I say 'emptiness', I do not mean it in that 'emo' sense, but in a sort of like a drooling vegetable way. I found faults but I couldn't care less. I lied. I stole. I traded friends with, indifference. I pretended to be something that never existed. All this without consequence.


as always there's always that silver lining..

I treaded over music heaven, and found that fabled ephemeral high sans the trigger and made her mine forever.
The sheer fact of me acknowledging that right now, I'm writing like an effing retard, yet charging on, gives me a speck of hope that I'll resuscitate that something, that made me pick up a pen and write stuff down.
After all, I have Led Zeppelin as my saviors.

Lets bring this mama back to life!

Fuck yes!
- Askios
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