Friday, 2 November 2012

Beyond the bounds of adjectives.

One of the two languages from which almost every other language was born, and with its origins dating before 1500 BCE the only ancient language that is alive and spoken in today's time.
If you haven't had your experience with Sanskrit, you haven't truly found your roots and haven't been exposed to the pinnacle of ecstasy that any sound could possibly deliver to your ears. To be honest, I find this post extremely hard to write because, I feel like I've been tied to a leash of words that can't possibly begin to explain the magnitude of greatness this Language has. It's incomparable, infinite and beyond perception.
 Now, just to clarify, I'm no Sanskrit scholar. I just barely manage to understand a few words of  the language itself. Having said that I must also state the fact that, being a relatively traditional Hindu, I have always been surrounded by Sanskrit, be it my morning-just before rushing to office- half  baked prayers, music or the remnants of my memory of a - less than basic Sanskrit education in my early years of schooling.
But that's the point! Even to an ignorant person, the beauty of Sanskrit is clearly visible.

Sanskrit to me, is the thread that weaves the fabric of the whole universe. It's immensely powerful. For example, the correct pronunciation of a single sound "" or AUM, can invoke Universal peace inside your mind. Not only that, is described in ancient scriptures as the First Sound, from which all Reality emerged. No other language could ever have such power, and it doesn't stop there. To start describing the depth and essence of Aum accurately, is way past my intellect so I will not harbor any pretensions. But what I can do is give you a similar example. Take the picture above for instance..(pronounced 'tat-tvam-asi') it means
 "the Self- in its original, pure, primordial state - is wholly or partially identifiable or identical with the Ultimate reality that is the basis and origin of all phenomena."
The faintest resemblance to the meaning conveyed by that one word in Sanskrit is that quote by William Blake that goes like:
"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern."
 Now, let me ask you this..could the above sentence be reduced to ONE word, that would still retain the essence? I'd sure love to see that.

To make myself absolutely clear, I'm not waging a crusade against other lingua franca. Each has a value of its own, and is unique in its own particular way. But when it comes down to the bare bones of truth, there is only one absolute, Sanskrit.

I've run out of  whatever mockery of creative juice I had, to continue this post. As I said before I feel like I've been tied to a very short leash of  words to describe this exalted Language. Hence, I'm just going to embrace..
शांति. \/
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