Sunday, 10 February 2013


What inspires, Ro?
Need that split second spark to know.
I see her in my breath,
slowly wafting to my mind,
the easiest hope you may never find.

 She urges me, to try some more,
till the path's blurry and I know where to go.
With an ease her prophecies lie,
holding my hand, looking me in the eye.

Oh but she never leaves, you have to know.
Drag her , rend her, whatever you try.
Lit like a phoenix she's here to stay,
for even in ash, she never goes away.

You and I, of a common lot,
where lies the end of untangled knots,
Blind stars of fortune, heed our way,
to whatever end, glory or dismay.

This day was foretold by the wise of the past,
hold no grudge, stand steadfast.
In one hand lies her ember of false bliss,
doused in lust, an enchanting kiss.
And the other one holds the hope of better,
between you and I, she's the lesser.

(10-Feb-2013, 12.00 a.m.)
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