Sunday, 7 April 2013

The ineffable, the parallel & the letting go.

Tools of the trade.

Ever been on a trip? That completely different paradigm of an alternate experience..looking at the world in a completely new way. Breaking down structures into philosophies, and life into an abstract image of colorful circles and dots, of lonely landscapes and vivid skies. I wouldn't agree that such a feeling would've been named as a 'trip' by does take you places you\never knew existed, yet which were right there behind your eyes.
Ah, friends and enemies of the past. It doesn't take much effort to understand the fact that what you see is much less than what you could get. Just close your eyes and tell yourself what you see...once you get a hang of it, you'll surprise yourself. I always find this activity to be a perfect companion on journeys to places, be it long or otherwise. I would just close my eyes and get comfortable for the show. Some think that  I'm praying, while most think that I haven't slept the previous night, which I find it a little depressing because although everyone has immense potential to be parallel at whim, most of them would go through their entire lives being completely oblivious to it.

It sometimes feels that ignorance is the mastermind, driving the abyssal reality.

Heed my call, take the plunge and you shall find,
Reality is illusive, societal structures forced upon the mind.

Trip easy my friend.

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