Wednesday, 12 June 2013

High Tides: Dented

Of twists and turns, the fates unfold.
Glacial breeze of lives foretold.
Twist me, churn me
Wring me from my withering soul.
Born unto a fate, squeeze me cold.
For the poetry is lost, the essence sold.
Trapped in a symmetry, trips of the old
Featureless fantasies fallacies behold.
Dented and hollowed, remorse aholds.


Sunday, 2 June 2013


You! You are with and I shall share the same fate.
We were both Led into this causality.
I arrived before you did.
I sculpted you.
And I will annihilate us together.
Together we shall carve out our existence,
and together we shall wear ourselves out.
The permanence of our coupling shall remain unbroken.
You will always be from me.
And I will always remain for you.

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