Friday, 22 November 2013

My Friend of Misery

My Friend of misery, 
I like it when you cry.
For in your sorrow lies my peace,
watching your tears roll by.

O' my friend of misery,
your joy lies in chains,
held in the abyss of melancholy,
forged in the fires of my purpose-your pain.

Dearest friend of misery,
do accept my embrace.
My solace is that of lies,
my heart beats within a crystal case.

Seeking serenity, my friend of misery,
you pursue the light.
Unaware of your eternal companion,
the vector of blight.

I am your hex my miserable friend,
your misery is my feast,
in your suffering my purpose lies,
whilst with folded hands, you beseech the East.

Take heart, my fallen companion,
the Reaper shall soon, His summons send.
For only in your afterlife,
shall our companionship end.

- Askios
(After a very long time
22-Nov-2013, 12.00 AM)
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