Monday, 28 May 2012

"We'll rest in peace, on my rivers of belief.."

(The headline sets up, quite a dramatic and serious scene. Au contraire to what's coming up. )

Been quite some time since I wrote something without trying to rhyme.....DAMMIT!
Let me give you an intro/scene description about what this post is going to be about.

I was meant to travel back to Chennai from Bangalore, by train which was scheduled at around 11:45 p.m., I reached the station one and a half hour early and had nothing to do at the platform. A little voice in my head asked me to note down whatever I was looking at or was happening around me. I plugged in my earphones and started tapping ('touching' actually) away at my phone to 'jot' down my observations, and this post is the elucidated version of those notes.

*To stop the chain, pull the wait..*

So, it was Sunday night and I was sitting way behind everyone on one of those steel chairs, you find at hospitals and the station was surprisingly quiet. The weather was the usual, relaxed and inert. The weird unusual quietude of the platform was regularly shattered by the sub par speakers, playing random jarring music and announcements, it got rather irritating, especially when I had, 'Back to the rivers of Belief - Enigma' playing in my earphones..


at other times..

"YATRIGAN KRIPYA DHYAAN DIJIYE....take me back to the rivers of belief....GAADI NUMBER..I look inside my heart..."

Nonetheless, I got through it. I had a decent, hip looking guy, probably in his early thirties, sitting a seat away from mine, with a backpack and those 'rough terrain' boots.

Ahead of me there were two stone benches, one of them had a North-East Indian/Asian chick, who at first was quiet, but ended up mingling with a south Indian couple, after they asked her about something which was inaudible. They didn't chat away, but there definitely was some interaction between the three of them.

On the other bench there was a Caucasian chick, with a tattooed right arm, a pierced lower lip and a red backpack. She was wearing beige colored clothes that looked raggy, had her hair in a mess and had Converse shoes. She was quiet all throughout, didn't mingle at all with anyone and since she was alone, the bench had lots of space left. Every casual passerby gave her a glance. After some time, two random uncles came along and sat next to the white chick, they were harmless, probably curious and, I guess, a little 'promiscuous' (in the subtlest sense of the word).
They were facing the opposite direction compared to the chick, giving the lady discreet 'looksies' . After a while they got bored and left.

There were a few random people around buying coffee, policemen casually strolling by. Then there was this platform vendor who was sitting a small distance away from me, counting his earning for the day and checking for counterfeits.

SUDDENLY............... BOOOM!

The guy sitting next to me flips open a book and starts quietly chanting religious hymns, written in Kannada. It was quite shocking as he certainly didn't 'look' religious, even by a long shot! Post the chanting, our man flips out a lunch box and has his dinner, consisting of  lemon rice a.k.a 'Chitranna'

All this while the white chick's bench mates kept changing, but her silence was constant and all this drama took about 45 minutes, post which a train (not mine, but headed towards Chennai) arrived and there was a lot of chaos and commotion, and I soon lost interest.


My college mate passes by with her boyfriend and post the greetings (Chiefly consisting of me incessantly asking "what's aaaaaaaap!!!" ) I asked her what she did over the weekend. She said that she was giving her GRE on Monday, and I was like..."Shoobie dooba....Shoobie Dooba", in the head. She reciprocated and asked me what I did in Bangalore. PAT! Came the reply..."I just came home to visit folks and play..". Confused, she raised an eyebrow..I said.."DotA....?". Feeling like a deflated balloon, she heaved a sigh and said her goodbyes as she had to board the train (that wasn't the only reason, as to why she left. (>.<) )

Soon after I lost all my interest, and everything turned blur, till I started writing this. Dunno how I got here. I probably had to..

Breathe Easy. \/
- Askios
(27-May-2012, 10:59 p.m.)

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Time's held still, in his tranquil gait.
His invisible smiles, your peace reinstate.

Kind as the Gods, wisdom of the ages,
His omniscient silence, claimt reams of pages.

Father of the seasons, the figure of might.
Light torn asunder, in His proud upright.

On the rare moon, when He did aver,
Rapt held the Gods, Earth stood aquiver.

O' but the words, never spoke of spite.
Out of the seed and into the Light.

To have His gravelly voice befall mortal ears,
Nectar to the Gods, helt pale as tears.

His resolute air, had the Heavens well suited,
but His heart lay with The Mother, earthbound..well rooted.

(18-May-2012, 10:00 p.m.)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Its a trap!

India is known worldwide for its IT..its all over the media....but I'm gonna talk here about stuff that never comes to the fore. Usually because it happens to people who are dumb enough to not realize that they're getting screwed over or because of fucked up circumstances.

Now bear in mind I'm talking about the people who've been picked up (placed) from "not so premier Institutes" of education, because I myself am one and well...I wouldn't know what it'd be like to be a 'Higher mortal'.

To begin with, everyone (most of us, except the ones acutely inclined towards philosophical aspects of life *phfffbbt*) who joins a company, dreams about his/her future...what kinda life (s)he'd be living couple of years down the road, stuff (s)he'd own and the amount of cash (s)he'd be rolling in yada yada get the drift.
 I here would like to fine tune the perspective and focus on the Indian IT which I mean,
Indian IT MNCs.

So! This is what I'm gonna do..I shall describe whatever I need to say, as if it were a script to a play...

  1. College: Teaches students how to begin being everything from an Astrophysicist to a Watchman.
  2. Student: Pays College so that Company comes to hire him. Doesn't really care about College much, but believes in some abstract limx → ∞ f(x) called 'Destiny'
  3. Company: Out on a hunting trip looking for Students, with a Sniper rifle, with College as the spotter. Doesn't actually care about the Student much, treat him as a means to an end (rolling in cash...lots of it). 
  4. Client: Hires Company for it's 'services'. Mute spectator.
  5. Pizza: What everyone above wants. (Everyone eventually gets one (of a kind) but they don't know that!)
*Pizza..Skittles....same difference -_-*

Scene 1: Initially

College → Student: *Not giving a fuck, but secretly* You must work hard for 4 years so that you can claim your Pizza from Company.

Student: *Nodding while playing mobile games/ sleeping/ not giving a fuck* Yes Master!

Scene 2: Three and a half years past

College → Student: *Still not giving a fuck, openly now* You must be ready, by now, to meet Company, so that you can get that Pizza that everyone needs!

Student: Holy CRAP! We NEED Pizza!! *Last minute Hyperdrive*

Scene 3: D-Day

College →Company: Here Master, they seem well done *Summoning Students*

Company → Students: I have the world's best Pizza who wants it ? *Dangling a cheese filled slice in front of them*

Students: ME ME MEEEEEE!!

Company: Ok, I will take half of you and leave the rest for other Companies.

Students: Ok.

Company →College: *Patting* You did well.

College: *Teehee*

Scene 4: Post D-Day:

Company → Students: You must train in order to have Pizza.

 Student: Yes Master!

Student : *Dreaming* When I get my Pizza, I'm gonna be the world's best Pizza eater! OM NOM NOM!

Scene 5: Post training

Company → Student: *Cunningly* Ok work for Client, he's the one who will deliver your Pizza.

Student: Huh? Oh uhmmm okay.

Scene 6: Working for 1 year

Student → Company: *Wondering* Hey. Where's my Pizza? You said Client would deliver it.

Company: *Pokerface*

Student: *Sternly* I want Pizza

Company: I only have Garlic Bread. You have only that option.

Student: Sorry! I want Pizza only!

Company: We don't have Pizza. 85% of company only provides Garlic Bread,  the rest provides a mix of Pizza and Leftovers

Student: *Suppressing bestial rage* Let me work for some other Client, he might deliver my Pizza.

Company: NO! You must work for this Client.

Student: Fuck you! *Finally coming to his senses and leaving Company no choice but to release him*

Client  → Company: Here take your Pizza. Do what you want with it.



What? Wondering what happened to Student? Why? Nobody cared at the beginning...who'd care in the end? He's probably just..

-Breathing Easy \/,
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