Sunday, 13 April 2014

Intravenous Drums and Bass.

I had a month ago, bought myself a Nokia Lumia 520, an upgrade from the Samsung Corby Touch. Prime reason being was the fact that Google had sent a notification to all Java OS users that it would stop supporting the email app for the phone with the above mentioned OS. There were a lot of things I assumed, I would benefit from by upgrading. Like access to 3G and a the renowned audio quality of Nokia.All said and done, I got my set...fiddled around the functionalities et al, and then turned to the music. Looking at the ear phones, I instantly knew they were substandard, but had that small hope of being wrong. Migrated all of my Led Zep collection into my new phone and pressed play. 

OH MY FUCKING GOD! THE SOUND WAS SO FUCKING HORRIBLE! NO BASS! NO TREBLE! JUST MONOTONES! I'm no audio connoisseur but I can tell the difference between a song having bass and one that just wails into your head. Even the broken radio that the poor unfortunate ones play have better audio quality than this junk, I thought. I tried to think rationally, no way Nokia can do this. The earphones HAVE to be the reason for this pain.

 I had imposed this rule on myself that whenever I was listening to the Led , I'd listen to the whole song and never EVER cut it short. But this time I thought to myself...that this was blasphemy, that soul of Drums and Bass was completely replaced by a cold heartless void; and letting the song play on, on this phone would be like soiling something sacrosanct. I had to bite the bullet and just STOP the song. I tried to feel positive when I ordered the SkullCandy ear phones, replacing the other wail mongers, but no luck. I was rudely awoken to the fact that the Audio innately was horrible, which resulted to; me cutting myself off music completely. If Led can't make it to my ears...nothing else will. In exile.. I found myself the most lonesome and the most calloused as if my life force was soaked up by the sponge of unwanted rationality and then squeezed into the river of apathy. Churning my innards for a month up until a few moments ago...I decided to re-invoke my old Corby with a much much MUCH superior sound quality. It shall be my companion for all the things that make me-me. 

Never again. FUCK you Nokia. 


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