Sunday, 13 April 2014


I stoked the embers of my mind, with the fan of paranoia. I found no reason not to. I gave away rationale as oblation and in turn, in that raging fire of tumult, I broke the shackles of sanity and breached the upper crest of my sky.
Looking back down, I saw the gored carcass of clich├ęd liberation surrounded by townsfolk pontificating and opining on how what was and what should have been. Oh how I wish I could show them what I see. How the sword dangling overhead, dances to my tune when I tug at the fine silk holding it steady. How I could lick its poisoned tip a thousand times and each time find a new crevice in the blade.
No time to hesitate now, my skies are already broken, the emberous flames are at their peak and I cast a reflection that's already aching and fading away. The festival of strings is set to start any moment now and like being born, it signals the march towards the end of times. I must steal everything there is to be revealed, in the wake of  an epiphany whilst the misty Luna looks at me from an un-rationalized direction, treading along further exploring this fiefdom of lunacy. Who else has been here? I see footsteps falling, but am unable to define a figure. Ah! Another epiphany is in the offing. There are no such things like 'definitions', 'characteristics' and 'rationale' in this Kingdom. What my mind tells me materializes ahead while whatever my brain observes only causes aberrations. But, who is reading these epiphanies? It can't be my mind, because I've already breached its walls. Or maybe I think I have. What is on the outside of this giant unhinged blue roof? Where am I ?

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