Saturday, 3 August 2013

Four months to this day.

As she awaits in her earnest breath,
the chaos awakened Suns to set,
her starry eyes recite a dream,
in silent moonlights, of treasures unseen.

The poetry in her smile, drew a heave,
in the shadows of her heart, did she some magic weave?
Expanding minds of nurturing trait,
enlivening divinity of her slender gait.

On a wish afloat, she dived in deep,
Of simple pleasures and her beauty sleep.
Unburdened, unaware and out of her way.
aiding the ones fallen astray.

'Tis her charm that wooed my heart.
gifted innocence, values steadfast.
 Unequaled zest, she's beyond compare,
for even the Sun's glory has spots to spare.

Beyond the sights of common men,
while my mind still twists and bends,
For Sam, my soul I would rend
and so this verse now would end.

(Started somewhere around Jan '13, ended in July '13.)

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