Sunday, 21 July 2013


Welcome to me. You are free here. 
Pick any color you like and spill your heart out.
Fill me up. Show me your soul.
What color is it? Is it bright red like Passion or does it look icy blue,
like the whole essence of Skaði herself?
Tell me what tinge do your fantasies burn with?
What color do I paint your mind?

Just point your color stained fingers at me and let me guide your hand.
Lets take a trip through that murky head of your's, and then paint it a greenish gray,
like a freshly fallen leaf losing its existence to a muddy pond. Like stirring a puddle with your hands,
and watching its innards twist in turmoil.

And then when we're done talking, I shall part ways with you -- forever in silence. 
Only to remain as a cold and dry reminder of how you trusted me with your lifelong secrets,
and I showed them to anyone who looked knowing that our pact would still remain sacrosanct,
because nobody other than me would truly see the chaotic splashes of your paranoia and uncertainties,
or the smudges of blood from stained hands underneath all those elegant strokes of success and glory.

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